Mark's Web Work: HTML

(Entire COOLSHARE is created and mantained by Mark Qian)


    Mark Qian has been programming HTML since 1/95.  

    Project include 

        A). A financial application (for Netscape, 5/1996)
		    Tasks include constructing purchasing interactive web pages with LiveConnect
        B). Quote and Ordering System(for Hewlett Packard, 9/1996)
            Construct a huge shopping cart using Javascipt, server-side Java, 
            CGI in Perl. 

        C). OneWebView (for Centigram, 3/1997) 
		    A web-base voice mail and fax system built with Netscape Plugins.
            Tasks include:
             - Full LiveConnect
               1). Calling Java from Plugins; 2). Calling Javascript from Java; 
               3). Calling Java from Javascript; 4). Calling Plugins from Java;
            - Loading resource files(compressed audio files) dynamically (Using type instead of src in embed tag)   

        D). ARWeb Plus (for Remedy, 7/1997)
		    Construct a WWW server gateway to access Remedy's AR System from the
            Internet or a corporate intranet via popular Web browsers.

Some Design Strategy used in this site:

  • Dynamic HTML - A COOL Halloween party is going on in this page: you need to use Netscape 4.x to view it - A COOL star trek is going on in this page: you need to use Netscape 4.x to view it
  • Opening different pages base on browser version: A Javascript is used to check browser version. This page is one of examples using this strategy. On this page, you will here a sound when your mouse move over an icon in the lower sub window if your browser is Netscape Navigator V3.X or later while you will get a page without sound if your browser does not support Live Connection. Web Zoo is another example.
  • Live Connection is used so that any object that generates a Javascript event can play sounds when mouse moving over, clicking, page opening, or page closing: Here are some pages where Live Connection is used: - Main page. The link text in the lower sub window is sound sensitive. - Web Zoo. The imagemap in the right sub window is sound sensitive with mouse move over. - Live Connection Demo page where button is sound sensitive with mouse click and Applet can be turn on/off with HTML button. Details about how to use Mark's applets to play foreground sound is available in Live Connection Demo page.
  • Using different wallpaper and advertise texts randomly for most page in this site using CGI: You will see different styles(different arrangement of GUI conponents such as text, applets, imagemaps, icons, and wallpaper when you reload most pages in this site. Details about the implementation is available.
  • Any suggestions and comments are welcome!