Mark's Web Work: CGI


    Mark Qian has been programming CGI with PERL in UNIX since 8/95

    and with ISAPI in NT since 5/96. Projects include and 

    a financial application in Netscape and the work in this site

    (see details below).

To learn more about Mark's CGI work, you may want to take a look at 

  -  CooCoo, a couple of Java applet and CGI script.
     This is a cool chat system wining TOP %5 in JARS.

Some CGI Approaches in this site

  • Opening page with different GUI compononets such as wallpaper, sound, applets, advertisement text randomly: In this site, you will see a different style of the same page when you reload the page. A CGI script named page takes any HTML document as its input and outputs the HTML document with random wallpaper, sound, applets, and text. Examples: - Main page - Web Zoo - Saver page
  • Hits Report The script, "page", will also maintain an item in a log file. This item shows number of hits to the page that is opened by script "page".
  • Automatic Link addition A CGI script, link_ex.cgi, is designed to allow visitors to add their links with banners and view what they have added right after their addition. This script is able to take care multi-purpose addition. Examples: - Link Exchange Flea Market - Mark's Applets In Real World
  • Registration Systems There are several registration forms were implemented in COOLSHARE: - A CGI script, get_sv.cgi, is used to record information such as how visitors find COOLSHARE. Examples: Screen Saver Download Page - A CGI script, bug, is used to detect where a download problem occurs(A visitor only need to click at the link and a send button in next screen to send the report). Examples: Screen Saver Download Page. (To see this CGI generated form, click at "Send us a message if you encounter any difficulty with downloading...")

  • CGI and PERL


    This CGI script in PERL displays a blank registration form at the first time. It will verify the required fields when you(registrant) click at "I agree..." button and pop up a correction list if any of required field is incompleted. If every field is OK, it will display a confirmation and send you a confirmation EMail. It will also update a registration record file in the server.